Tuesday, 28 June 2011

7 Handy tips for Blackberry

Here are 7 handy tips to make using your Blackberry that much easier.

  1. Using the QWERTY keyboard is great but is a pain looking for the . or putting in the ' but Blackberry will do this for you. All you need to is press the spacebar twice at the end of your sentence it will automatically put the full stop and make the next letter a Capital. If you want to put in the ' as in I'll then just type il. Other abbreviations are wel for we'll and isnt for isn't.
  2. You do not always need to press Shift for upper case letters, just press and hold down the letter it will then change to uppper case.
  3. Want to type an e-mail address faster without using the @ symbol. Type out the address and hit space where the @ should be, then space again for the . in the domain. i.e. john thepub com for john@thepub.com. This works for URL's as well.
  4. Want to search for something in your messages? Press S and you can search from there
  5. Multitasking in Blackberry is very subtle and you often end up with numerous apps running. If you want to see which apps are running, hold down the Menu key. You can switch to applications from here too.
  6. You can prolong the life in your battery by using the auto on/off function. Choose Options > Device > Auto On/Off; you can have different on and off times for weekdays and weekends.
  7. Here is a nifty little feature, press Alt + Caps + H and you can view information like the signal strength, battery level, device pin, free space, space in use, IMEI, OS version and how long the Blackberry has been on for.
The above tips work on a Blackberry Torch 9800 so shortcuts and menus may vary on different models but the functionality is still there.

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